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Author: Antone Roundy


Antone Roundy : Components, Scripts, Codes Listing

SPAMbaffle 4.0.5

This is a script based on perl that is used to filter mail at the server. This script provides a pre-configured filtering rules for the users. This...


SerialIND 1.0

This is a program that helps users in distributing unique numbers to any other application. This will be of much use in issuing shopping cart...


Grouper 1.3.2003

Very easy installation, just upload it to your server with default configuration or alter grouperconf.php file to your preference and upload it, no...


CaRP 3.V

CaRP -Caching RSS Parser helps keeping a site dynamic and new all the time by converting and displaying RSS content as HTML. Formatting options are...



This is a perl script and an email blacklist generator which generates fake email addresses. The users can set up the qmail to add address of any...