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Author: Alexander Mehlhorn (AHM)

Alexander Mehlhorn (AHM) : Components, Scripts, Codes Listing

AHM Enhanced Components - Triton 2000

The AHM Enhanced Components are, just like the name indicates, enhanced versions of the original Delphi controls. These components allow you to set...

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AHM Menu Components - Triton 2000

The AHM Menu Components contain menu components that are directly inherited from the original Borland menu classes. These menu components will...

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AHM Standard Components - Triton 2000

The AHM Standard Components are a collection of over 40 controls that will make your development easier. Most of these components are...

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AHM System Components - Triton 2000

The AHM System Components are a collection that contains over 100 non-visual components and classes. Use these components to interface to manyof...

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AHM Triton Tools - Triton 2000

Visual and non-visual, data-aware and standard components for different purpose, such interface elements, file and system operations and so...

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