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Author: Alexander Baranovsky

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TVirtComp 1.3

TVirtComp is a Delphi component, which encapsulates the interpreter of the VIRT programming language. It is non-visual component that you can drop...

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VIRT language interpreter

Interpreter of the VIRT programming language. VIRT is general purposesobject-oriented programming language which provides the new technology of the...

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paxScript.NET 2.0.1

paxScript is an interpreter of a set of programming languages. It has been initially developed for the Win32 platform. paxScript.Win32 includes...

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TPaxScripter 3.0

paxScript is an interpreter of 4 object-oriented scripting languages:paxBasicpaxCpaxPascalpaxJavaScript.TPaxScripter component allows you to embed...

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