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Author: Aaron Weiss


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Welcome to PHP

This tutorial provides you with basic programming knowledge using PHP 3. This is a complete introduction of PHP for beginners which discusses...


Untangling Lists and Hashes

In this Perl article which is a part of the series named The Perl You Need to Know, the author teaches you how to work with Perl's list and wit...


Events in JavaScript

Events in JavaScript is an excellent tutorial dealing with javascripts events. Software programmers and java professionals would be able to improve...


Disk-based data structures (DBM)

This article offers many Perl database management solutions that are quick to store and use Perl data structures to and from disk and yet have low...


Dabbling in Live Databases: MySQL

This article was developed in a Linux environment with MySQL 3.22 and caters to basic understanding of Perl, Unix/Linux, and databases in general....