Navicat for MariaDB (Mac OS X)

Navicat for MariaDB (Mac OS X)




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Navicat for MariaDB is a powerful MariaDB administration and development tool. It works with any MariaDB database servers from version 5.1 or above. Users can visually design database structures, execute SQL queries and scripts, manage MariaDB users and their privileges. With Graphical User Interface (GUI) and stepwise wizard system, users can quickly and easily create, access and share information in a secure and easy way.Navicat for MariaDB is a useful tool for the users. ER Diagram helps users achieve a better understanding of database schema by displaying the structure in a graphical format. They can see the interrelationships between tables in a database. Also, Connection Coloring can immediately know which server users are connected and it includes a colored strip indicator shown on the sub-window toolbar for identifying connections and their database objects and user can have a better organization over connection and objects in Navicat by categorizing objects into groups with our Virtual Grouping feature. Moreover, if user wants to narrow the list of database objects displayed in Navicat, they can try tree or object Filter. Just simple type in text and only those database objects that start with the specified string are shown. Navicat for MariaDB is a data manipulation tool. Import Wizard allows user to import data into a table from diverse formats such as Access, Excel, XML, TXT, CSV, JSON and more. User can import data from ODBC after setting up a data source connection. All available tables will be included if connection success. Just simply choose the tables that user wish to import or specify a query using Add Query button. Likewise, user can export data into various formats like Excel, TXT, CSV, DBF, XML, etc. Furthermore, user can smoothly transfer data between databases. This feature will drastically simplify the process for migrating data. Also, they can choose to export data as SQL file with designated SQL format and encoding. Data/Structure Synchronization functions can transfer data from one database to another with detailed analytical process. Likewise, user can compare and modify the table structures. For both Data and Structure Synchronization, the target database can be on the same server as the source or on another server. Besides, User can be regular backup or restore all tables, records, views etc


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