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If your goal is to display vector or image data within your application there's no way around THBImage. This powerful set of controls and objects allows you to present your vector and image data as you otherwise only could do with a professional graphics application. Best of all, you can use it without an advanced understanding of Image Processing. Simply adding THBImage to your application will give it an incredible boost in additional functionality.
Incredible? Then try it out...

THBImage is on the one side ideally suited for raster image processing and viewing and now adds powerful capabilities in the area of vectordata processing and viewing. The advanced user interface of the control makes it easier than ever before to create a full featured graphics application. Simply drop the viewer control on a form and turn on/off the features you need. You get full control over all visual aspects of the control.

There are no longer limits in displaying layers, you can mix raster image and vector layers and view them at once without any limitations. Layers can be turned on/off.
To support large scale geographical or CAD data viewing layers can add detail when zooming closer. The high performance spatialindex takes care of intelligent geometry data handling.
The viewer brings your content to life by adding the user interaction you expect from a professional viewer: Grabhandles, Selecting, Highlighting, Multiselection, Geometry Snapping, Geometry Drawing, Preview Scroll Window, Magnification Window.
The new GDI+ drawing engine in combination with a flexible style object model lets you achieve great visual effects like transparent or gradient filled geometry objects.

Available input formats for vector data are DXF(drawing exchange file), SHP(ESRI Shapefile), DGN v7 (Bentley DGN file). After processing your data you can store it in DXF or SHP(ESRI Shapefile) format.

The new PSD layer viewer again demonstrates the strength and flexibility in displaying layers. It renders all PSD layers applying visual blending and transparency effects. The result will be a PSD file that looks very close to the original one.

All these new functions are added to the existing image and document processing features making it an ideal solution for image and vectordata processing and viewing.

THBImage provides 100% identical interface across C#, Vb.Net, VB, Com, DLL, C++, Lib allowing you to use the language of your choice.


Dxf - Geometry - Image Processing - Shape - Shp - Vector - Vector Processing

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