E-XD++MFC Library Enterprise Edition 9.50

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The only Flow/Diagramming Kits that provides full source code of components for MFC and ActiveX in a single package.

The latest and the best Flow/Diagram source code kits from ucancode. To date, the reliability and performance of the XD++ Library have been tested through many kinds of diagramming/flowchart- related software of ucancode customers around the World. The XD++ Library now used in over 40 countries.

Features of Enterprise edition:

1. E-XD++ MFC Class Library offers you a wide choice of different tools that allows you to quickly and easily create flowcharts, business and technical diagrams, schemes, plans, family tree, etc. The focus of this tools is on ease-of-use, speedy results, automation, and quality output. E-XD++ MFC Class Library contains many features only found in very expensive packages such as automatic formatting, rotation, enterprise color styles, graphics import and export, automatic routing, curves, flexible text support, and a library of ready-made symbols and templates. E-XD++ MFC Class Library supports Object Linking and Embedding in Windows as an OLE Server. This makes it very easy to use E-XD++ drawings in other Windows programs. You can embed or link your diagram.In both cases,you have the full source code of this toolkit,so you can customizable the features as you want.

2. It's easy to draw and edit charts with E-XD++ MFC Class Library. You don't need to have any artistic talent or drawing skills to use this program. Simpler objects can be easily created by using primitive graphic shapes, and for more complicated ones you can use our Libraries, supplied with the program, and can be easily dragged from there and dropped into your diagram. E-XD++ MFC Class Library includes many ready-made symbols that are carefully organized into Libraries designed for specific tasks,you can also edit or create new symbols with shapedesigner by yourselft.

3.Right-click on a object to edit its properties. For each object you can assign different line colors, pattern, fill and shadow colors. You can enter explanatory text label at any location. Text is entered and formatted just like it is in your word processor. Powerful grid and alignment aids keep your diagram attractive. E-XD++ MFC Class Library handles the hard parts of drawing a diagram and leaves you free to focus on the layout and appearance.


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