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Professional environments focus on high development standards in Source Code Management. E.g. by usage of server side commit hooks to check for minimum acceptance levels on code and documentation quality including commit message structure and content.TortoiseSVN offers only a free form text field to edit inside the Commit Dialog. Developers might recall situations when struggling with commit message structure and fighting the server side commit hooks instead of focusing on message content! Thus being annoyed instead of feeling an incentive to deliver high quality descriptions here.The SVNStartCommitHelper is a client side start commit hook script (as a first version written in Python / Tkinter) exactly offering a well-structured form to fill in. The edited content is transformed and forwarded to the SVN commit dialog then. You still have full control on the commit message then. While using the helper you focus on message quality now instead struggling with message structure.

  • Client side Start Commit Hook Script for TortoiseSVN
  • Supports TortoiseSVN 1.5 and above
  • Python / Tkinter Graphical User Interface
  • Python 3 supported
  • Template selection on recurring SVN commits
  • Simple XML config file in home directory (can be suppressed)
  • Commit comment history (size of history in constants class)
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