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Sinecure 1.0

Sinecure - An Expense Managing tool.

By: Sinecure Homepage


Rezin 0.12

Rezine provides a simple graphical mean to manage a non maven project by matching project's dependencies with any maven repository libraries.

By: Rezin Homepage


SQL filter for sysop commands 1.0

cbd_select is a software that permitt use the SQL language for filter results of commands of operation system.

By: Cbd-select Homepage


Java Utilities for TIGR projects 2.0.6

The project contains a collection of general-purpose Java utility classes including unique ID generators, thread pool management classes, as well...

By: Tigr-shared Homepage


Lite Serializer 1.0

Lite Serializer offers a simple and clean platform independent interface for binary serialization of objects in C++.

By: Libliteser Homepage


DSxINF 1.0

A .

By: Dsxinf Homepage


bmpstream 0.0.4

Bitmap data manipulate, written in Ansi C.

By: Bmpstream Homepage


VsNav 1.0

Move the cursor to classes, functions, or files with just the name and without the mouse.

By: Vsnav Homepage


XTracker 1.0

A request tracking system that can be used though email and allows linking of tickets to exteranl applications such as XPlanner stories.

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libzio 1.00

The libzio provides using fopencookie(3) of the glibc or funopen(3BSD) together with zlib and libbzip2 an API to read or write gzip/bzip2 files...

By: Libzio Homepage


Image Solution 1.0

This is a project that will provide a GUI environment or wizard to guide IT professionals and IT departments through an HWI type of image process.

By: Imagesolution Homepage


Flex image export to word / pdf / png 1.0

This project will export the Flex Display objects to word Format by creating a xml at client end by generating equalent png image at client side...

By: Fleximage2word Homepage


Wiki'it 1.0

A simple screenshot to Mediawiki server image uploader

By: Wikiit Homepage


HTML checker 0.5

This is a HTML, XHTML and XML validator and repairer based on PHP

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DemoJTool 1.0

DemoJTool is a Java-based self-running demo.

By: Djt Homepage


IDM Batch Link Adder 1.0

This is basically a companion program for Internet Download Manager.

By: Idmbatchlinkadd Homepage


iDoubt 1.0

iDoubt is a multi-platform directory/file diff program.

By: Idoubt Homepage


libexplain 1

The libexplain project provides a library which may be used to explain Unix and Linux error messages.

By: Libexplain Homepage


Retouch your FireFox 1.0

A program for easy creation of firefox skins.

By: Fire-retoucher Homepage


ExtraMessageBox 82

ExtraMessageBox is an extension of the Windows API function MessageBox().

By: Emabox Homepage