Emerald Text Editor (jEditor) 3.1

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Emerald Text Editor (Emerald Editor, or Emerald as I call it), formerly called jEditor, is a text editor that is much similar to notepad in the fact that it let's you edit text but it makes use of the tabbed panes which means that you can have multiple tabs up at once allowing you to edit multiple files at one time.Emerald Text Editor also comes with a toolbar which tells you how quickly you are typing and how many characters are in your current document. The program is also customizable, meaning you can edit some of the main features of the program.The name was changed to fit a future naming scheme I'm going to have.

  • Tells typing speeds in four different measurements
  • Displays characters/words in the current tab
  • Line numbers
  • Tabbed Editor
  • Opens images
  • Updates via Emerald Editor men
  • Finding
  • You can start it up with files open through command-line
  • Merge files
  • Customize look and feel
  • Customize the tabs
  • Toolbars have three modes: icons only, labels only, and both
  • Multiple look and feels
  • Syntax highlighting
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