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UseOffice .Net 4.0

UseOffice .Net is a robust .Net component to convert between DOC, DOCX, XLS, RTF, PPT, PDF and HTML formats with tables, images, fonts, colors etc....

By: George Sautin Homepage


BNotePad 1.0

BNotePad is a Notepad very similar to the Notepad Application in the Microsoft Windows but offers some some special functions which are frequently...

By: Bnotepad Homepage


jPod intarsys PDF library

jPod is a rich PDF manipulation and rendering framework.

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Behind Closed Doors 1.0

In the Behind Closed Doors application, the user will be prompted to select a text file to encrypt.

By: Closed-doors Homepage


WebWeaver 1.0

WebWeaver is a coldfusion based file manager and code writter.

By: Webweaverbeta Homepage


Alpaca 0.3

Alpaca is a programmable rich-text editor for authors using Mac OS X.

By: Alpaca Homepage


Multiplayer Notepad 1.0

Multiplayer Notepad is a collaboration tool that allows multiple users to edit a single document with real-time synchronization between them.

By: Mpnotepad Homepage


okeditor 1.0

OKeditor is an open source html editor for use with internet explorer 5.

By: Okeditor Homepage


Vondel 1.0

Vondel is a program that will assist you in writing novels.

By: Vondel Homepage


TagParser 1.0.0

TagParser is a java parser based on CSS formulas (like JQuery) and can parse any documents based on tags such as XML, HTML.

By: Tagparser Homepage


DocBook to LaTeX Publishing 0.3.4

DocBook to LaTeX Publishing transforms your SGML/XML DocBook documents to DVI, PostScript or PDF by translating them in pure LaTeX as a first process.

By: Dblatex Homepage


CPIA: XML Macro Processing in C 0.8rc6

CPIA is a macro-processing engine for XML (and HTML), written in C.

By: Cpia Homepage


Frankenstein Translation Memory Suite 1.0

The most powerful non-commercial translation memory software (TM tool) with enhanced capabilities, like networking/collaboration (http, rpc),...

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MalayalamTypewriter 1.0

A text editor to write in Malayalam language.

By: Malayalam Homepage


Gedit Qedit Plugin 1.0

A plugin for gedit intended for quick editing and movement without using the cursor keys, ala vim/emacs.

By: Qedit-plugin Homepage


EZReader text parsing engine 1.0

Text reader that parses ordinary block text into cascading strings that are easier to read quickly and comprehend.

By: Ezreader Homepage


wordMint 1.0

English to Hindi transliteration project.

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Replacehex 0.1

Replacehex is a command line search and replace utility that works with hex codes strings.

By: Replacehex Homepage


OpenQDA 1.0

Free Tool for qualitative data analysis.

By: Openqda Homepage


See Sharp Reports 1.0

See Sharp Reports is an XML based reporting tool.

By: Csharpreports Homepage