oracle-jutils 20110411

Version: 20110411




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PL/SQL packages to perform Oracle 11g tasks within a very few number of lines : dump/load LOBs, compute CRC, get Mime Type from a BLOB, send XMPP messages, list directory contents as a table, interact with Twitter,deal with QrCodes, ...

  • Send XMPP messages and list buddies (and their status) from Oracle
  • Compute checkum and mimeType on binary Types (BLOB, CLOB, XMLTYPE,...)
  • Zip/unzip BLOB on the fly
  • Dump and load BLOB from a single and dummy sql statement
  • Interact with Twitter (list Friends, Favorites, Timelines, post Status, ...)
  • List zipped blob contents (files, directory,...) via a simple select statement
  • Encode/Decode QrCodes from sql
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