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TeleScope CQ is the high-load XML data stream broker written in C for the Linux platform.The platform is intended to be operated upon the simple number/word values and is not meant to be used for full-text XML stream analysis. TeleScope has internal query language with a set of standard logical operators that allows to construct relatively complex query expressions.It features the client-server architecture and serves up to 128 simultaneously connected XML stream clients. The broker features Continuous Query (CQ) engine over the XML data stream. TeleScope CQ provides the remote cmi interface to login (in cisco fashion via telnet) and change/reset the query transaction on the current stream on the fly in real time. It also gives data query statistics via a separate status port.TeleScope CQ is able to analyze vast continuous XML data stream of messages generated by the publisher in real time.

  • Extremely fast real-time XML stream processing
  • Publish-Subscribe architecture
  • Client-server model with support for a large number of concurrent stream subscribers
  • Efficient Continuous Query Engine
  • Dynamic Transaction Processing on the fly
  • Real-time query statistics support
  • High-bandwidth load tolerance
  • Dual mode operation - both client and server or either one
  • XML stream filtering and reprocessing in a nodes chain (content distribution mesh via the overlay network creation)
  • Loading of XML data from the data file for publishing
  • Thread Pool subscribers management mechanism
  • Queue based publications management
  • XML processing powered by the Gnome Libxml2 library
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