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Popular Downloads - Tools, Servers

War Board 1.0

Stats and state server for game developers to use for development of their internet/network games.

By: Worbord Homepage


PSODL-PLSQL based Oracle Database Loader 1.0

PSODL - PL/SQL based Oracle Database Loader - http://tinyurl.

By: Plsqlloader Homepage


Singularity Killboard 1.0

A Killboard script for EvE Online modified from a script written by someone else, Feel free to help if you know something about mysql php and apache.

By: Singkb Homepage


TDB Replication 4

The Trivial Database Replication System is an open source suite of software that provides a high-performance, replicated, distributed peer-to-peer...

By: Tdbrepl Homepage


Oracle XMPP/Jabber Instant Messenger 20090124

Send XMPP (Gtalk/Google Talk also supported) messages (thanks to Jabber) within a single line of PL/SQL code, get buddies list and status in...

By: Oracle-xmpp Homepage


Blood Donation Portal 1.0

This website designed using PHP and MySql facilitates the users to be a part of online blood donation helpline.

By: Donateblood Homepage


StonkaStorm 1.0

StonkaStorm hotel management system.

By: Stonkastorm Homepage


ldap with excel 1.0

It was really hard to control ldapso we support ldap accessing with excel

By: Ldapwithexcel Homepage


Triple DES Encryption/Decryption class 1.0

This is a CDL class capable of Tripple DES encryption/decryption.

By: Cos-3des Homepage


TeleScope CQ 1.0

TeleScope CQ is the high-load XML data stream broker written in C for the Linux platform.

By: Telescopecq Homepage