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FFEntityFramework is an Object-Relational Mapping Framework (O-R Mapping / Object Persistence) for .NET with built-in features like Xml-Serialization, Model-View-Controller-Framework or UndoManagement ...All these Components use the same Meta-Base which can be definied via Attributes (Annotations) on your Business-Classes. Nevertheless differences between Xml- and Db-Serialization can be made via an enum MetaUsage (Database, Xml, Internal a€¦). For Example you can define a Key-Column which is only used for Db-Serialization and excluded for Xml-Serialization. The same can be done with References, Delegations &c.A special Feature is that all Metadata can be read from a comfortable Object-Model (MetaLayer) for your own needs.

  • O-R Mapping via Attributes (Annotations) a€“ Mapping-Support via Xml comming soon
  • A Public Object-Model with capsulates the Metadata from O-R- or Metamapping
  • Db-Serializer
  • Xml-Serializer
  • Db: Multi-Database-Support (till now MSSql, Firebird, MySql)
  • Db: Ita€™s possible to modify the Sql-Dialect via inherit a SqlProvider for your own needs
  • Db: Lazy-Loading for References and Columns (e. g. Blob-Fields)
  • Db: Cascading
  • Db: Old-Value-Tracking to follow Changes
  • Db: Linq-Expressions to Sql (till now only IQueryable.Where and some String-Functions)
  • Db: Create, Drop and Merge Database-Schema
  • Model-View-Controller Framework
  • MVC: Observer-Pattern (a generic solution)
  • MVC: Command-Pattern (with MVC-Context a€“ e. g. Selected Objects)
  • MVC: Undo-Management (for undo or redo added, deleted or edited Objects)
  • MVC: The EntityDataTable (inherited from DataTable) is a bridge for simplify Databindings a€“ includes a solution for Multi-Selection
  • The Demo-Application a€?Product-Cataloga€? is a Win-Forms-Application which demonstrates all common Features of FFEntityFramework
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