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jPlug J2EE Framework 1.0

jPlug is a opensource J2EE framework for developing enterprise multi-tiered applications.

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itcled 1.0

Itcl classes for to create a OOP view below Tcl of a Graphical User Interface (GUI)

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Perl Class::STL::Containers Module 0.35

Provide Perl object management with a framework similar to STL.

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Lifers 1.0

birdwatching program

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Eclipse and Java Video Tutorials 1.0

Free video screencam tutorials for Eclipse and Java.

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OgreSocks 1.0

OgreSocks is an OO wrapper around WinSock (the Windows Sockets dll), aimed at applications built using Ogre, the OO Graphics Rendering Engine (www.

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probean 1.0

ProBean is a tool for simple access to your *.

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Evil Dicom (classic) rc

The original C# .

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Netcdf-Java ToolBox for Matlab-njTBX 4.0.49

The NJ toolbox (njTBX) is a matlab object API, built on top of Unidata's Netcdf-Java API to facilitate netCDF model data manipulation.

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proc-sched 0.0.1

A library to manage "batches" of (possibly) concurrent processes.

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LittleSmalltalk 1.0

Little Smalltalk was the first Smalltalk dialect developed outside of Xerox PARC (tm).

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LongJS rc

Long JavaScript is a full featured web client UI and network library.

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FUnit - Unit Testing Framework for Flex 0.50.0245

FUnit is the first generation xUnit testing tool to leverage the custom metadata capabilities of the Flex mxmlc compiler.

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Bukkitplugin:ETrade 1.0

A bukkit plugin that is open source.

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php5utils 1.0

Php5Utils is a collection of small components written for general use in php5.

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Firebolt Network Library 0.3.6

Firebolt Network library (fnl) is a high level framework for network protocol implementations.

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pdgo PHP DataGrid Object 1.0

pdgo (PHP DataGrid Object) is a tool for build fast and easy grid with data from PEAR DB and MDB2, by sending a Query SQL to the object.

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QuickBooks Open Object Model (QBOOM) 1.0

QBOOM: a PHP5 based object model (OM) for the QuickBooks (QB) accounting system via SOAP calls to the Remote Data Connector (RDC) for QB.

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QMX Standard Library b.

This library is meant to offer an array of general purpose data structures and algorithms for a multitude of uses.

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Adminsystems Database Class b.beta.1.0

The Adminsystems Database ClassFree and Open Source

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