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Popular Downloads - Tools, Modeling

Metamill 8.2.2022

Metamill is a professional UML modeling tool. Supports UML 2.4 standard. All 14 UML diagrams supported. Round-trip engineering for Python, ADA,...

By: Hannu Haven Homepage


BoardGame Bay 0.6

Framework for creation of board games.

By: Gamebay Homepage


C# Uml Designer 1.0

The tool uses reverse engineering to build UML diagrams for C# project.

By: Umldesigner Homepage


DataNorm 1.0

This project manages a relational table normalization tool for helping developers to reduce their efforts and optimize the quality in bottom-up...

By: Datanorm Homepage


UML2TC 1.0

Java application for conversion from Astah Professional UML Activity Diagram to Test Cases.

By: Uml2tc Homepage


PHiMX rc

PHiMX is a command-line tool to generate XMI code of a project in PHP5.

By: Phimx Homepage


Visio-EMF Bridge 20100308

The Visio-EMF Bridge offers the transformation of Visio stencils and Visio models into EMF metamodels and EMF models, respectively.

By: Homepage


TRUC - Tracking Requirements & Use Cases 0.12.0

TRUC is a web-based tool for requirement and use case tracking.

By: Truc Homepage


webengineering 1.0

This project provides a generator framework for model-driven development of web applications.

By: Webengineering Homepage


ActivityScript 1.0

ActivityScript takes an activity diagram (created with a UML tool) and executes it's contents.

By: Activityscript Homepage