iSDGE 1.0

By: Isdge
Version: 1.0




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iSDGE is meant to be a free next generation 3D game engine for mobile devices supporting OpenGL ES 2.0. It is very easy to use, extremely flexible and fast. iSDGE is mostly written in C++ and currently comes with an Objective-C binding for iOS.

  • OpenGL ES 2.0 rendering with full shader support
  • Easy object, camera, material and light handling
  • Loading textures from .png and .jpg image files
  • Own binary model file format for the fastest loading possible and a Blender export script
  • GUI System
  • Very flexible and easy to use shader system
  • All device orientations supported
  • Extensive vector, matrix and quaternion classes
  • Multisample anti-aliasing
  • Render to texture
  • Fullscreen post processing
  • Real realtime stencil shadows
  • Fast terrain system for rendering very big terrains generated from a heightmap image
  • Robust view frustum culling
  • Flexible and fast particle system
  • Support for two UV sets, vertex colors and tangents
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