atoi64 library 1.0

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atoi64 - String to 64-bit integer number conversion (future: 128-bit), handles garbage at ends, ignores _ inside like perl, handles hexadecimal, decimal, octal, binary, and SI or IEC (computer units) for a suffix multiplier. perl,js,c++,php,auto-it3

  • handles hexadecimal (starts with 0x), octal (starts with 0, 0o, 0q), binary (starts with 0b), decimal (starts with 0d or regular number)
  • optional : suffix followed by SI or IEC (computer) units as a multiplier, example k, ki and optional ending B or b
  • case insensitive
  • like Perl, ignores _ underscores in numbers. so you could have 9_125_234_456:TiB
  • handles garbage on front and end
  • priority given to longer units
  • currently in 5 languages, c++, javascript, php, perl, autoit
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