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Tested, portable, standard C++ source code for policy based log stream, configuration data, external string table, field-delimited strings and text file reader. BSD license. Templated for use with any valid instantiation of std::basic_string.

  • 1.0 Log stream for C++
  • 1.1 Added some string utility functions
  • 1.2 Rearranged template parameters and added default values
  • 1.3 Added TextFileReader simple text file preprocessor
  • 1.4 Updated data returned by TextFileReader
  • 1.5 Added IniData configuration file utility
  • 1.6 Added field-delimited string utilities
  • 1.7 Added external string table utility
  • 1.8 Added InsertField(), DeleteField() FD string functions
  • 1.9 Replaced FD string free functions with iterator classes
  • 2.0 Automated tests
  • 2.1 Updated Makefiles for Windows nmake
  • 2.2 Added TToString() and StringToT() StrUtls functions
  • 2.3 Class Log tests working with Windows nmake
  • 2.4 Fixed Makefile bug introduced in 2.3
  • 2.5 FD string iterators now Standard bidirectional iterators
  • 2.6 MultiThreadPolicy for Log now works on Windows
  • 2.7 Added TrimRepeats() string utility functions
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