PrydeWorX Library b.0.8.2

By: Pwxlib
Version: b.0.8.2




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The PrydeWorX library is a JBoH (Just a Bunch of Headers) library with tools for C++, deployed by worker objects. Currently there is an object for co-/sine-tables, an object for random numbers, noise, names and integer hashes and a Container Factory

  • SCT - Sine/Cosine Table, configurable to use real time calculations, uses any degree
  • RNG - Random Name Generator, Pseudo Noise and Number Generator, Simplex Noise and Integer Hash Generator
  • MRF - MemRingFactory, a Factory object for type independent containers
  • Tool: getRandomName - Command line random name generator. Create 1 to n random names with this little command line tool
  • Tool: makeSimplexTexture - Create Textures based on Simplex Noise with variable dimensions and colors Generator - produces variable, but pseudo random, names out of generated syllables - 70-89% unique in 10M iterations
  • tools/Args.h - A system to parse and manage program arguments and options
  • tools/Exception.h - A base class for call stack tracking exceptions
  • tools/StreamHelpers.h - Functions to help working with streams and temporary files
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