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EasyCP is a modern, user-friendly C++ library that lets you use constraint programming in a very natural way.Just modelize and let the CSP (Constraint Satisfaction Problem) solver do the job !

  • Portable, C++03 compliant.
  • Standalone library : it has no dependancies.
  • Few requirements : STL, RTTI and exceptions support.
  • User friendly : provides a Domain Specific Embedded Language.
  • Not a template library (compilation time and error messages improved, code easier to maintain).
  • Avoid the learning curve with minimal high-level API and black-box engine.
  • Usual, orthogonal types provided : integers, chars, booleans, tuples and lists.
  • Arbitrarily complex types supported, Arbitrarily sized-lists allowed.
  • Arbitrarily complex expressions supported (constraints are just boolean expressions).
  • Type control : the whole API is strongly typed.
  • Ease of extension by user-defined types and constraints.
  • High integration with both the C++ language and its standard library.
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