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This is an Open Sourced BASIC interpreter environment using PostgreSQL. It is focused on (1) Simple to program, (2) Powerful database statements, (3) UNIX shell friendly, (4) Business focused, (5) "Function" over "speed". This is *not* another VB implementation. Extensive language documentation is available.

  • PostgreSQL Database
  • Window API
  • Menu API
  • Password API
  • Callable BASIC modules and GSL subroutine library
  • Multi-precision (FIXED) integer type
  • COMPLEX data type
  • Fixed and variable length strings
  • Sparse matrix support
  • UNIX friendly shell unit number I/O
  • UNIX Pipe I/O
  • System(3) capability
  • Ada95 ENUM types
  • Dynamic reallocation of array dimensions
  • Regular expression pattern matching functions
  • Screen Generator Distributed with Project Code
  • Distributed Applications in BASIC
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