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DBIx::XMLServer 0.01

Perl module providing access to a DBI database through HTTP request and XML output

By: Dbix-xmlserver Homepage


Dia-Archivierung 1.0

Dia-AV is written in Visual Basic 6 for MS Windows XP.

By: Diaav Homepage


ctcm 1.0

just a project im working on for work

By: Ctcm Homepage


jCRUD 1.0

The jCRUD project provides a simplified means of accessing and using the standard Java JDBC API in order to avoid common pitfalls and help...

By: Jcrud Homepage


palabra 1.0

Palabra is an extensible dictionary written in Perl using a MySQL database for linguistic information.

By: Palabra Homepage


modScaleForm 1.0

modScaleForm is a module fr MS Access that scales forms, fonts and controls to fit the current screen resolution.

By: Modscaleform Homepage


Biblos 1.0

Biblos is a Python project for managing your home library/DVD collection/anything you have at home:) It takes care of placing the item on your...

By: Biblos-project Homepage


Kiss The Cook 1.0

Kiss The Cook is an easy to use program to manage your cooking recipes collection under UNIX.

By: Kissthecook Homepage


sapdbtcl 1.0

Tcl interface to the SAPDB database, written in 100% pure Tcl (aka type4 driver).

By: Sapdbtcl Homepage


LINFox 1.0

database management system (style xBase)

By: Linfoxdb Homepage


Aurora Phishing 1.0

What is Aurora PhishingAurora Phishing is an Package with Online Web Services like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter ripped websites used for Phishing Attack.

By: Aurora-phishing Homepage


sacha 1.0

Web-based application for providing adhoc query to the end users via SQL.

By: Sacha Homepage


MWA Data Tech Group b

MIS Tools is a series of projects to develop data access and tools for the Michigan MIS site.

By: Homepage


MMySQL 1.0

MMySQL is a Programm that allows the user to connect to a Database (MySQL, other planned)

By: Mmysql Homepage


BuzzSQL 1.3.8

BuzzSQL is a thin layer over Java JDBC that manages automatic configuration of database connection setup, pooling, configuration, logging, and...

By: Homepage


SchemaSpyGUI 20090302

SchemaSpyGUI is a graphical user interface for the tool SchemaSpy from John Currier.

By: Schemaspygui Homepage


MyBriefcase 1.0

This web application allows you to host personal files on a webserver and upload/download them when necessary.

By: Mybriefcase Homepage


Mudbag 1

Mudbag is a web-based system that allows non-programmers to build databases with tables, views, and forms that can be shared with other users.

By: Mudbag Homepage


phpMonAnnuaire 1.0

phpMonAnnuaire is a directory written in PHP.

By: Phpmonannuaire Homepage


Shadow mysql backup perl script 1.0

Mysql_backup is my first project.

By: Shadowmysqlback Homepage