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ScriptFront 1.0

A C++ library which allows you to easily embed a script interpreter in your program without touching the API of the underlying interpreters so you...

By: Scriptbridge Homepage


Ladybug 0.3.20120111.alpha

A tool designed to help with the process of Agile planning and development.

By: Lady-bug Homepage


TextMeld 1.0

TextMeld is a text editor for Windows insipred by TextMate.

By: Textmeld Homepage


xensor 1.01

Xensor is a modular python application that automates the installation of guest domains in a Xen environment.

By: Xensor Homepage


A fistful of relays 1.0

Retro-style computer based on electromechanical relays.

By: Relay Homepage


Visual FUPROLAN 1.0

Visual FUPROLAN (Futured Programming language )Is a programming language for programming in multiple paradigms, such procedural programming,...

By: Fuprolan Homepage


Cloonix-Net 1.0

Cloonix-Net is a configurable network in a single PC, capable of launching, connecting and managing User-Mode Linux kernels and filesystems from...

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XulBooster 0.2.1

XulBooster is an Eclipse Feature adding XUL support to the Eclipse IDE and WTP.

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DevConnector 1.0

Eclipse plugin that allows you to post questions to the online community in real-time.

By: Devconnector Homepage


The V C++ GUI Framework 1.4.0

A very easy to use GUI C++ framework for Windows and *NIX systems.

By: Vgui Homepage


FormalPython 1.0

A suite of tools and extensions to Python to permit automatic specification-based testing with inline, incremental formal specification.

By: Fpython Homepage


Spket 20080311

UI Widgets, Theme, plugins that will help you build SWT/JFace/RCP applications.

By: Spket Homepage


Garuda 100

Garuda is an open source web editor coded in visual basic to provide a free alternative to Adobe Dreamweaver, complete with FTP, live preview and a...

By: Garuda-project Homepage


almtools 1.0

Collection of Open Source and free tools to be used for HP ALM administration, customization, and also end-user usage.

By: Almtools Homepage


Harmoclipse 1.0


By: Harmoclipse Homepage


xendows 1.0

A Windows Xen GUI designed to take advantage of the Xen API.

By: Xendows Homepage


JSPWikiWinWin 1.0

JSPWikiWinWin Involves the requirement negotiation and elicitation in software engineering and improves the negotiation process based on WinWin...

By: Jspwikiwinwin Homepage


OpenOCD Eclipse Plug-in 1.0

Eclipse plug-in for working with OpenOCD.

By: Openocdplugin Homepage


modula - 2 windows IDE 1.1

Mide3de2 is a windows IDE for the FST modula-2 compiler with this main features: Multi Document Support, Syntax highlight, Search & Replace,...

By: Mide3de2 Homepage


Nj-himem 1.0

This project aims to build a distribuited java memory with more features.

By: Nj-himem Homepage