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The Ptolemy Language 1.2.0.beta6

Ptolemy is an extension of Java whose goal are to enable separation of crosscutting concerns, while retaining our ability to understand separated...

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JSelfModify 1.0

Dynamic tree of Java objects encapsulates hard-drive and Jar/Zip files (and their inner files) and Java objects all the same way.

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The OO-Browser: A Great OO Code Browser 32

The OO-Browser is an advanced object-oriented class browser withsupport for browsing C, C++, Common Lisp and its Object System(CLOS), Eiffel, Java,...

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simelo 1.2.2

Our goal is to find out useful and funny ways for expanding the possibilities of many FOSS by integrating them with other FOSS and proprietary...

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Eclipse RMI Plugin 0.0.2

This project provides an Eclipse plugin that enables the RMI compilation for Java projects created in Eclipse JDT.

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BlackSMS 1.0

BlackSMS is a project to build a very accurate Sega Master System's emulation core without depending on any specific plataform.

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BasEdit.Net 1.4.5

A CBM BASIC Editor for Windows written by BjA¶rg Stojalowski in VB.

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Portable Latex 0.5

PortableLatex is LaTeX without installation; you download and use it straight away, without changing a byte of your system.

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TexBeans 0.31b

a set LaTex plugins for Netbeans with full project management (multiple files allowed), editor, code completion (Ctrl-Space), build and view...

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Universal Label Decorator Eclipse Plugin 1.0.5

Eclipse plugin: configurable decorator for icons and labels.

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ManMetAssembly 1.0

ManMetAssembly is an assembly simulator wirtten in Java.

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VCB Wrangler 1.0

VCB Wrangler is a VBScript wrapper for scheduling VMware Consolidated Backup

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Golem Documentation Project 1.0

This is the Golem Documentation Project, Golem is a fully functional WEB RAD (Rapid Application Development), including an IDE 100% WEB, classes...

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EPPT 1.0

Edition Production and Presentation Technology (EPPT)

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PoL Scripter 1.0

Is a little project for a POL IDE with: </br> *Syntax Highlighting </br> *AutoComplete </br> *Open Server Button </br>...

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Pythana rc

Application to manage Python projects, the aim is to allow easy access to any of the files and manage/organise them.

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SharpDevelop VS.Net Importer/Exporter 1.0

This project provides a plug-in for the SharpDevelop IDE for importing and exporting VisualStudio.

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EclipseNSIS 0.9.3

EclipseNSIS is a plugin for the Eclipse platform which enables editing, compiling and testing Nullsoft Installer (NSIS) scripts.

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ScriptFront 1.0

A C++ library which allows you to easily embed a script interpreter in your program without touching the API of the underlying interpreters so you...

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Ladybug 0.3.20120111.alpha

A tool designed to help with the process of Agile planning and development.

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