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LPDT 1.0

Eclipse plugin for Prolog/Mali, an implementation of LambdaProlog

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Generate dynamic PDF from XPF files 1.0

PHP and VB6 classes for generating dynamic PDF reports and forms from XPF files designed with Visual2PDF.

By: Generatedynamic Homepage


DeleteFileLock rc

DelFileLock is a Win32-only Software and tries to delete or only unlock a file, which is still used and locked by another process.

By: Delfilelock Homepage


Micro Force ShutdownPc 1.0

This added force command button, close the windows version of the program, which is fast and sleek design of a delayed closing button.

By: Microshutdownpc Homepage


PHP support for IntelliJ IDEA alpha.7

A plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that will enable support for the PHP language with high-level language features such as code completion, class...

By: Idea-php Homepage


Bonsai Contract System 1.0

Bonsai is a suite of programs, implementing the Bonsai framework for creating, managing, and using contracted code.

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Ceedling Gem 1.0

Ruby gem bundle for Ceedling project

By: Ceedling-gem Homepage


mkproject 1.0

mkproject is a development-project creator .

By: Mkproject Homepage


NHN Test Automation Framework 1.0

NHN Test Automation Framework (NTAF) is a framework for automated testing to help automate the distributed systems and add communication between...

By: Ntaf Homepage


ProCollEE 1.0

ProCollEE is a project collaboration enabling environment for Windows Operating Systems ProCollEE allows team members to communicate in real time...

By: Apps Homepage


UMLOnline 1.0

In order to bring the benefits of a web application into the diagram editing software family, we have designed and implemented an online diagram...

By: Umlonline Homepage


VMX Buddy 1.0

VMX Buddy is a Visual Basic.

By: Vmxbuddy Homepage


The Simple Kanban 1.0

CrA©ation du premier Kanban en ligne.

By: Hemera-kanban Homepage


eclim (eclipse + vim) 2.2.5

Eclim is a set of eclipse and vim plugins to integrate the two projects.

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InfoMax 1.0

Die Software "InfoMax" bietet Einsteigern in Programmierung in diversen Sprachen eine einfach Umgebung fr die ersten Gehversuche.

By: Infomax Homepage


Cloud Force 1.0

This Project is intended to serve as a Operating Platform for creating a Cloud / Grid infrastructure , for deploying applications , assigning ,...

By: Cloudforce Homepage


lib config files parser 1.2.0

A simple and easy to use configure file parser utility in C++ Language, which have only 1 hpp file.

By: Libconfparser Homepage


pycess 1.0

Pycess is a new, straightforward approach to create a workflow framework.

By: Pycess Homepage


MicroBPEL 1.0

MicroBPEL is a micro-orchestrator based on WS-BPEL that allows orchestrating processes on mobile devices.

By: Microbpel Homepage


Ecere SDK 0.44

A cross-platform GUI, new language (eC), and 3D engine.

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