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JavaSketch 0.9.5

JavaSketch is an Eclipse plugin that is both a programmer's search engine and code generation tool.

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Skyway Builder Community Edition 86

Skyway Builder Community Edition (CE) is an Eclipse-based, code generation tool for accelerating the development of Spring applications.

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CSS Editor (Eclipse Plugin) 0.0.5

Plugin for Eclipse that provides sophisticated CSS editing funcionality.

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CssValidator 1.0

Tool for validating Css according a custome rules

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MsBuildAddin for VisualStudio rc

This tools is a simple addin for VisualStudio 2008 used in association with Microsoft MSBuild.

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jumpr rc

A powerful but lightweight configuration-, dependency-injection-, and scripting framework for the JVM, leveraging a combination of annotations and...

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Yng's Activity Networks Generator 1.0

A CASE tool for developing Activity Networks based in Java.

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FreeViP 1.0

The FreeViP project aims to add high-quality, extensive Vi functionality to the existing Eclipse editors.

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Maven Artifact Upload Utility 1.0

Maven Artifact Upload Utility is used to create a repository of the specified Maven artifact which includes the dependencies and transitive...

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FootBalls United 1.0

FootBalls est un jeu en 2 dimension cre la base par 4 tudiants en informatique l'Universit Libre de Bruxelles.

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GCC IDE (Scout) 1.0

Easy IDE based on GNU Compilers Collection aka GCC.

By: Gccide Homepage


School management software development 1.0

Proyecto tiene como objetivo gestionar el desarrollo de software con metodos de ingenieria de software.

By: Schoolmansofdev Homepage


datascooter 1.0

It is a small, fast , fresh object/relational persistence and query system, with commented and fully-functional JUnit tests.

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Simulator Virtual Net for Web

The program Virtual Network Simulator for Web 2.

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JBoss JBuilder OpenTool 2.6alpha

Voyager JBoss OpenTool is an OT for JBuilder 6 Enterprise Edition.

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DevWork 1.0

An open-source FPC LCL based GUI utility for version control tools (like SVN).

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Eclipse Utility Plug-ins 1.0

This project is to extends the capability of eclipse ide.

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Patchouli 1.0

Patchouli is a tool for easily creating and maintaining a set of source code patches, while continuing to normally edit, compile, and do version...

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IntelliClipse 1.0

A bunch of preference files and possibly plugins for Eclipse to make it behave like IntelliJ

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XPairtise - Pair Programming for Eclipse 1.1.0

The Eclipse plug-in XPairtise provides a platform for distributed pair programming.

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