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Proyectiko 1.0

An agile project management and collaboration tools.

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Tina4PHP 1.0

Tina4PHP - (This Is Not Another Framework 4 PHP) - A RAD Browser based Development tool with the Cross Database Engine for PHP as its foundation.

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Eclipse-Based Object Bench (E-BOB) b.0.9.2

E-BOB (Eclipse-Based Object Bench) is an Eclipse-based plug-in that allows for graphical instantiation of objects, and models to a limited extent...

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Modula2Plugin 1.0

The goal of this project is to provide an IDE for Modula-2 in the form of a plug-in for Eclipse and/or an add-in for Visual Studio (2008).

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eXtreme Development Environment 1.0

eXtreme Development Environment is a cross platform development environment tailored for the extreme programming development methodology.

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Haskell support for Eclipse 2.4.2

We extend the Eclipse IDE with tools for development in Haskell, a functional programming language, providing support for a wide range of tools...

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Rainbow Forth 01.28.2008

Rainbow Forth is an implementation of the colorForth dialect of the Forth programming language designed to run under Linux or Windows.

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ServerEclipse 0.1.2

Collection of plugins for Eclipse 3.

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RailsBox 1.0

Customizing Lubuntu for Ruby on Rails Development.

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LinuxLive USB Creator 1.0

LiLi USB Creator is a free software for Windows that allows you to create a bootable USB key with a linux on it, with integrated virtualization.

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rpm4netbeans 1.0

File handling plugin for the NetBeans IDE supporting RPM files based on the Redline Java library.

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Amino 1.0

Amino is an MVC application framework for any kind of application - but here it is being used for domain-independent Modelling & Simulation.

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Harbour Development Tool for Eclipse 1.0

Tho goal of this project is to provide an integrated development environment for developing (x)Harbour applications on various platforms.

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Java P3 Virtual Appliance 1.0

Java Programmer Personal Productivity Virtual Appliance (jp3va) is to provide a simple development and productivity environment for java developer.

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clunx 1.0

clunx intends to provide a set of standard network/resource management/virtual machine environment forcloud computing.

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cc-apps 1.0

A specialized web-framework for developing applications intended for use in contact centers.

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OpenSGP 1.0

This is a issue and bug tracking system written in Java and JavaFX language.

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vo_recipes 1.0

vo_recipes is a Vim Outliner Plugin to simplify the process of make recipes for the GoboLinux distribution.

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BitVisor 1.3

BitVisor is a tiny hypervisor initially designed for mediating I/O access from a single guest OS.

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Pagio-ML Executer 1.0

Processed Algorithmic Grouped Instances and Objects Meta Language Executer

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