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Luvalley 8

Luvalley is a lightweight type-1 Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) with novel architecture, to enable any OS to host virtual machines as pure...

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Software Tracker 1.0

Software Tracker is an issue tracker for software developers that is flexible and easy to use.

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The DTDeconstructor 1.0

The DTDeconstructor is a Java/Swing based tool to be used in the creation of DTD documents.

By: Stuartchaulk Homepage


Message Flow Integration 1.0

Easy control of asyncronous message flow, aiding the process of integration of legacy systems.

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swteditor 1.0.2

SWTEditor is an Eclipse WYSIWYG HTML editor written in SWT.

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Humane Assembly Language Tools 0.0alpha

HALT is a developer friendly programming and simulation environment for the Motorola 680x0 family of processors.

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WixTrim - WiX Designer 1.0

WixTrim is a Windows Installer XML (WiX) File Visual Editor.

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DAMPIRE Framework 1.0

DAMPIRE is a moDular ligHtweight dynAMic ProductIve aRchitecture for JAVA-based applications, based on open source frameworks/libraries/tools (e.

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kernel-config-eclipse-plugin 1.0

Linux Kernel Configuration plugin for Eclipse (www.

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VFME 1.0

VFME is a state machine editor, it can also produce C++ source code.

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Uratool 1.0

The idea behind the project is to build a collaborative peer-to-peer coding editor.

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Campus Management Information System 1.0

CMIS , this project was developed on java and thinwire framework, these application will be serve to the school or university to centralized there...

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VXML extention to Dreamweaver rc.1.0.0

An extention to Macromedia Dreamweaver to work with vxml in php, jsp, asp.

By: Vxmlextention Homepage


phpVIlib - a PHP class for VMware VI x 2.

phpVIlib is a PHP class to remotely control VMWARE Virtual Infrastructure 2.

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teretere: cocorails + banana on Eclipse 1.0

Teretere (meaning:travelers/traveling in Tahitian) hosts 2 projects: Cocorails, a Ruby on Rails IDE based on Eclipse http://Cocorails.

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Colorer Library

Colorer provides source text syntax highlighting services.

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Codendi Community Edition 86.64

Codendi is a collaborative solution for application lifecycle management.

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Brainfuck IDE (BFIde) 1.0

BF (Brainfuck) integrated development environment, written in C#.

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WorkingWiki 967

WorkingWiki is an MediaWiki extension that makes a wiki into a combination code repository, IDE, and compute server.

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Tk ScriptIt! 2

An editor for wish scripts.

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