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Audited Objects 1.0.11

Audited Objects (AO) is a tool for the analysis and optimization of automated software processes such as builds.

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DoubleVision 1.0

DoubleVision is a phoneMEFeature porting on Nintendo DS game console.

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Dreamweaver-ClearCase integration 1.0

Both Macromedia Dreamweaver and Rational ClearCase have open APIs.

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QuillTex 0.1.2008.06.26

QuillTex is a cross-platform native application tiling management tool written in Qt4.

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JdonFramework 6.6.1

JdonFramework is a light-weight framework for developing Domain-Driven Design applications, Jdon = DDD + CQRS+ EDA +IOC/DI + AOP + CACHE or...

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NppOctave 1.0

The ultimate goal is to create an useful IDE for GNU Octave, so the transition between Matlab and Octave will be as smooth as possible.

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csharped 1.0

Eclipse plugin to create, manage project, edit source codes written using .

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DRAKE Development Kit 1.0

DRAKE is a true homebrew game console that consists of specially crafted hardware, system software and games.

By: Drake-devkit Homepage


BibTeXlipse 1.0

BibTeXlipse is an Eclipse plugin for managing and analyse bibliography databases.

By: Bibtexlipse Homepage


SmileIDE 1.0

SmileIDE is simple Integrated development environment.

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Splice Software Development Kit 1.0

The Splice SDK will be a game development kit with an easy to use GUI.

By: Splice-sdk Homepage


Dandelion - Eclipse Lisp Plugin 1.2.0

Dandelion is a plugin for Eclipse that supports Lisp programming in the Eclipse platform.

By: Dandelion-ecl Homepage


JBuilder Opentools 1.0

This project is the home of several jbuilder opentools: MiniShell, JFileExplorer, ScratchCodeRunner, FontChooser, ToolbarCustomizer

By: Opentools Homepage


SkybuckODE 1.0

Skybuck's Open Development Environment.

By: Skybuckode Homepage


Enterprise Test Case Management System 1.0

Enterprise TCMS tries to adhere to IEEE 829 where it makes sense as a software implementation.

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Freedomeditor file editor env. (PHP) 0.3

Customizable browser based (text/web(WYSIWYG)) file editors environment in PHP (GPL Licensed) with loads of features.

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OpenNode 6.0

OpenNode is a open source server virtualization solution providing easy to use bare-metal ISO installer.

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The Smoke Virtual Machine 1.0

The Smoke Virtual Machine is a stack-based bytecode runtime targetting dynamic and functional programming languages

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Herkulez 1.4

Pure Java IDE for brainfuck, which follows the principle of KISS.

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humanoid : the android studio 1.0

humanoid is an open source development studio for the http://openhandsetalliance.

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