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3CoCasetool 1.0

A CASE tool provides a GUI design environment and code generation to support an XML-based Architecture Description Language (ADL).

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Winds of Scrum 1.0

Web-based Scrum project management tool.

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Busines Data Transfer Tool 1.0

genericlink is a tool for creating intelligent data transfer flows between different data sources.

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Spring UI Plugin for Eclipse 0.9.5

Provides a set of plugins for the Eclipse platform to ease working with SpringFramework Bean Factory configuration files

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geany-plugins 1.0

Geany-Plugins is a collection of different plugins for Geany, a lightweight IDE.

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umpledot 1.0

Some code collected from my old UML/Dot project with a view to submitting it to the Umple project.

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Python Editor for Eclipse alpha

Python Editor for Eclipse (Pe4elcipse) is an Eclipse platform plugin for editing and debugging Python applications.

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Elphel/Excelsior Eclipse/VDT/ExDT Plugin 1.1.0

Plugin Eclipse/VDT supports hardware development in VHDL/Verilog, allowing to easily integrate command-line controlled tools in Eclipse.

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Nexus WebIDE 1.0

WebIDE is a web-based IDE for developing and maintaining web applications and websites.

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JDeveloper IDE External Filter Add-in 10.1.3

An open source add-in for Oracle's JDeveloper that invokes an external program to filter text selected in the IDE.

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Data Access Objects (DAO) for PHP 20111204.1

Data Access Objects (DAO) code generator which reads schema directly from your database.

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A3DS 1.0

This is the code base for A3DS (including utils, tribe and languages)

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kluk rc

KLUK is a scripting language.

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C Workshop 1.0

C Workshop is both an editor and an IDE for the C language.

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AEditor [Ruby BSD] 0.7

Extreme programming is lacking a good tool.

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LPAR2RRD AIX & iSeries monitoring 3.33

LPAR2RRD makes historical, future trends and nearly "real-time" CPU utilization graphs of LPAR's and shared CPU usage of IBM Power servers.

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PentaPRO: Gerenciamento de Projetos 1.0

PentaPRO A© uma ferramenta de gerenciamento de software feita em Java, e compatA­vel com OGC ITIL, SEI CMMI, ISO SPICE e PMI PMBOK.

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UML2Java 1.0.07

UML2Java is a plug-in Eclipse which provides Model2Text (M2T) functionality.

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jamk 1.0

this is a small program to organize your files.

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Audited Objects 1.0.11

Audited Objects (AO) is a tool for the analysis and optimization of automated software processes such as builds.

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