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Xidel is a command line tool to download web pages and extract data from them. This data can be extracted using XPath 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 expressions, CSS 3 selectors, and custom, pattern-matching templates that are like an annotated version of the processed page. It can download files over HTTP/S connections, follow redirections, links, or extracted values, and also process local files. The extracted values can then be exported as plain text/XML/JSON, or assigned to variables to use in other extract expressions. It also provides an online CGI service for testing of XPath 2.0 / XQuery expression.(Xidel is a part of the VideLibri project, so its project page just redirects there )

  • XPath 2.0
  • XQuery 1.0
  • CSS 3.0 selectors
  • command line and cgi service
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