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Kiss Prolog 1.0

Kiss Prolog is a new Prolog System based in Simplicity and Scalability.

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z390 Portable Mainframe Assembler 1506

z390 Portable Mainframe Assembler and Emulator

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XMTC: PRAM-like Programming 1.0

A modest extension to C, XMTC allows representing parallel (PRAM) algorithms as parallel programs, and run XMTC code using a compiler and cycle...

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schemej 1.0

An implementation of Scheme in Java.

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G Portable Types - C/C++ Languages Versi 1.0

Portable Source Code (C/C++ programming language) that provides multi-platform portability for data types (numeric, conditional, etc.

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IDE for PIC18F 1.0

Integrated Development Enviroment for series of Microchip PIC18F microcontrollers

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Streamware 1.0

Runtime environment for programming multicore processors using streams

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Free Pascal Compiler for Delphi 1.0

Free Pascal Compiler for Delphi

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J2CPP Take Two 1.0

To some, the Java and C++ languages appear deceptively similar.

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Java Print Reports and Documents 1.0

Component that visualizes and it prints documents based on JPanel, besides creating reports in a fast and efficient way using the own IDE.

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PHDL 1.0

PHDL is an HDL that functions as an alternative to mainstream graphical schematic capture tools.

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PathScale ICI 1.0

This is an Interactive Compilation Interface (ICI) to access and modify internal PathScale compiler optimization decisions to tune applications at...

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cscti 1.0

A compiler to compile TIC# code, almost identical to C#, into *.

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Blaise a free Pascal compiler 1.0

For our Compiler Construction Course at the Department of Computer Sciences of the University of Salzburg we created a subset of Pascal to x86...

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Doublecpp 0.6.3

A preprocessor for C++ that handles a new linguistic construct for defining branches of a multi-method (dynamic overloading).

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Operation system for AVR Butterfly board 20060417

ButterflyOS is a very simple operation system for the Atmel AVR Butterfly board.

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GCC for BCPL 1.0

A GCC front end for the BCPL programming language.

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Efficient Shader Compiler 1.1.001

An efficient shader compiler, a simple and practical solution for managing shader files in 3d engine projects.

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Eli: Translator Construction Made Easy 4.7.4

Eli is a programming environment that supports all phases of translator construction with extensive libraries implementing common tasks, yet...

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Freude 1.0

Freude is a new general purpose, very type safe, postfix / concatenative language in the style of \"Manfred von Thun\'s\" Joy.

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