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ast parser 1.0

A Java library for parsing files and building Abstract Syntax Tree based on context free (CF) grammar.

By: Astparser Homepage


Vilegust 20111228151204

Vilegust - named for the codesmells that eventually come of such projects - is a basic-like interpreter/compiler project in vb.

By: Vilegust Homepage


pascal2c 1.0

It is an academic project, and It translate a minimal Pascal source code to equivalent C source Code.

By: Pascal2c Homepage


php2jsp 1.0

Code translation utility to convert Php website code into a Java/J2EE JSP equivalent code.

By: Phpjsp Homepage


Java/RTR 1.0

The Java/RTR Project address the development of soft real-time code in Java, mainly using the RTR Model and the Java/RTR programming language.

By: Javartr Homepage


OpenPacman 1.0

The OpenPacman is a OpenSource game project of the famous game Pacman.

By: Openpacman Homepage


system-csharp 1.0

System C# (scs) - Port of the C# language for generating highly optimized system code to C++ C or GCC backend.

By: System-csharp Homepage


Operation system for AVR Butterfly board 20060417

ButterflyOS is a very simple operation system for the Atmel AVR Butterfly board.

By: Butterflyos Homepage


VB Packager And Compiler 1.0

Portable , Faster, Smaller EXE No Runtime Needed anymore , without needed of ActiveX or Ocx Or Dll all you need to do is scan the project file to...

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Ruby On Flash 1.0

Ruby On Flash is a compiler written in Java that compiles Ruby source code directly into Flash applications(.

By: Rubyonflash Homepage