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deltaFSD rc

deltaFSD is a graphical tool for defining a program by linking the inputs and outputs of functions.

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Text Message Parser Generator Generator 1.0

In a nutshell it takes as input the formal specification of any text protocol in ABNF and generates the parser in C language for that grammar using...

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thesismda 1.0

The intention of this project is to develop a transformation tool that exectutes PIM-to-PSM transformations.

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pmMDA - poor man MDA - 0.5.rc1

pmMDA - poor man MDA - is a pragmatic MDA code generation engine based on Velocity.

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x87helper 1.0

X87HELPER, a preprocessor to make the x86 FPU more managable.

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visual wx-c developer 32

a visual wx-c developer tool written in freeBasic with the wx-c wrapper to wxWidgets.

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IntelliJ devUtil 1.0

Libaries and plugins for java developpement with Idea IntelliJ

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AlgoPlex 1.0

AlgoPlex is intended to be an automatic Algorithm Complexity Generation Tool for Algorithms used in Software development.

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ZDoclet 1.0

A small file-generation tool-set designed to be a quickly usable alternative to the seem-to-be-never-arriving XDoclet2.

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c2regex 1.0

Translate C code in a pipe to a form usable as regular expressions in sed or grep.

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JUnit open tool for JBuilder 1.0

There is a number of such tools on the market currently, and this one is not a silver bullet.

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Splitkein 1.0

Splitkein is a MVC framework for the development of Python web applications.

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gladeXSL 1.0

Generate plain or object oriented PHP-Gtk2 code from glade2 files with or without signal handlers.

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PythonCSV2SQL 0.3

This is a python script for Windows that allows you to convert CSV files to MySQL .

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SwingBean Eclipse Plugin 1.0

This is a Eclipse plugin that provides supports to create a descriptor to be used with the SwingBean framework.

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cstub 1.0

Python scripts for automatically generating Ansi C functions stubs for use to develop unit tests.

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infosec: Information Security Analysis 1.0

A research project and a set of tools for the analysis of secure information flow

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PyShift 1.0

PyShift's purpose is to translate between python code and any other programming language.

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End Block Commenter 1.0

Adds comments after statements in a language that end a block of code.

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JStubGen Empty .jar Java Stub Generator 0.9

Java Stub [empty .

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