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Code Flow Design 1.0

This is the source code generator by the flow design

By: Codeflowdesign Homepage


DataAide rc

DataAide is a VB.

By: Dataaide Homepage


Yet Another Merlin Toolkit : YAM toolkit 1.0

A generic wizard for the generation, compilation or installation of software based on a XML input.

By: Yamtoolkit Homepage


Eclipse PHP Tool Integration 1.0

PHP Tool Integrations aim is to integrate usefull php tools such as PHP CodeSniffer, PHPUnit and PHP Depend into Eclipse.

By: Homepage


eXtensible Protocol Data Library (XPDL) 1.0

XPDL, a C++ library, facilitates the creation of efficient, easy-to-use solutions for sending and receiving complex program data over a network and...

By: Xpdl Homepage


JugglerDB 20070124

Extendable general purpose DB framework.

By: Juggler Homepage


FPG Engine 1.0

FPG Engine is a Flash Plateform game editor and player to create web or local Flash games

By: Fpgengine Homepage


openfeed 1.0

The OpenFeed project aims at providing a set of tools and solutions for building services arround the Atom Publishing Protocol (http://atompub.

By: Openfeed Homepage


pdfrw workbench 1.0

FyTek PDF Report Writer Workbench.

By: Pdfrwworkbench Homepage


MyCodeGenCS rc.1.0

MyCodeGenCS is a free C# code generating tool for MySQL.

By: Mycodegencs Homepage


hg_regexp 1.0

An Regular Expression with Korean Support.

By: Hgregexp Homepage


txt2perl 1.0

Txt2Perl is an utility written in C and LEX in order to create subroutines in perl that shows by sdtout a text passed as parameter.

By: Txt2perl Homepage


FSMDesigner 1.0

FSMDesigner is a C++ based implementation for a Finite State Machine (FSM) design tool with integrated Hardware Description Language (HDL) generation.

By: Homepage


BinaryNotes 2

BinaryNotes is the Open Source ASN.

By: Homepage


Automatic Database to Web or Other App 1.0

Point it to a database and it creates Java classes, JSP, and Flex code.

By: Db2app Homepage


StarUML2KM3 Template 3

A text template to generate KM3 files from a StarUML Model.

By: Staruml2km3 Homepage


kUML 0.5.1

kUML is about to be the best UML modeling tool available on the net.

By: Homepage


OpenGL extension library for SDL 1.0

SDL_GLel is an OpenGL extension library for SDL.

By: Sdl-glel Homepage


JAVA Dynamic SQL Assistant 1.0

A JAVA package (that can be compiled to a COM DLL) that assists database programmers in generating dynamic SQL, from any platform (using JAVA),...

By: J-sql-api Homepage


Qt-MySql DOM generator 1.0

An automated DOM class generator for Qt C++ for accessing MySql databases

By: Qt-mysqldomgene Homepage