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XSLT documentation generation XSLT 12

This tool generates documentation for XSLT stylesheets, allowing you to browse through the code in your webbrowser.

By: Xsltdocxslt Homepage


JMX2Java 1.0

A tool for parsing Java JMX MBeans and creating Java Source code that may subsequently be used to access the MBeans through type-safe accessors.

By: Jmx2java Homepage


Nunni FSM Generator 1.1

NunniFSMGen generates a FSM (Finite State Machine) in Java, C or C++ starting from a transition table.

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xpotronix 20090918

A framework for building web apps based on a declarative specification made in XML files, code generator and templating system based on XSL...

By: Xpotronix Homepage


Castor Doclet 0.4.2

Java doclet to generate both mapping and DDL files for Castor JDO

By: Castordoclet Homepage


Toolset COCOM & scripting language DINO 0.996

COCOM is a toolset to help creation of compilers and interpreters.

By: Cocom Homepage


Dragon Composer 41123

Dragon Composer is an experimental project toward creating a new programming language (dragon) or environment where a programmer can write readable...

By: Dragoncomposer Homepage


SmartMDD alpha

SmartMDD is a Model Driven Development environment.

By: Smartmdd Homepage


evofetch 1.0.0

EvoFETCH is a tool to extract information about software entities such as classes, methods, and attributes from software repositories.

By: Evofetch Homepage



Visual class designer, and code in java generation.

By: Darclient Homepage


OpenPHAkt 1.0

PHAkt is an open-source extension for Dreamweaver, offering a better re-implementation of the original PHP_MySQL server.

By: Homepage


JSenna - Fast Web Development 2.1.4

The JSenna Tool is used to generate Web applications on basis of HTML, JavaScript, DHTML in client side (running inside of the browser) and...

By: Jsenna Homepage


JCommando 1.2

A Java command-line option parser generator, providing function similar to GNU Getopt, but much richer.

By: Jcommando Homepage


NGenerator Visual Class Designer 0.9.3

NGenerator is a visual class designer that can be used to generate C# or Visual Basic .

By: Ngenerator Homepage


DoME (Domain Modeling Environment) 1.0

DoME (Domain Modeling Environment) is a project intended to provide a platform and language neutral modeling environment.

By: Dome-continued Homepage


easyDesigner 0.2

easyDesigner is a visual database design system that integrates database design, modeling and creation into a single, seamless environment.

By: Easydesigner Homepage


Cheetah: Python-Powered Template Engine 2.2.1

Cheetah is a template engine and code generation tool, written in Python.

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SWIG Excel Extension 1.0

SWIG Excel is an extension of the popular SWIG Project (http://www.

By: Swigexcel Homepage


ADAL - Auto Database Access Layer 1.1.0

ADAL (Automatic Database Access Layer) creates VB.

By: Adal Homepage


Aeonic - Model Driven Server Apps 1.0

You specify a desired domain-logic in UML, optionally some parts in Python, from scratch or reused.

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