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Webgenerator-X content management system rc1.5

Webgenerator-X is a complete php/mysql content management system (cms).

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DDasm 1.0

This is a windows version of my Linux disassembler.

By: Ddasm Homepage


C++ to C# Translator 3

Direct C++ to C# translator, translates one of the languages to another without compiling.

By: Cxx2cs Homepage


Distribuidos 1.0

Proyecto de clase de ditribuidos

By: Distribuidos Homepage

Freeware Libraries 1.0

The LoreSoft.

By: Loresoft Homepage



The code-creation-kit can be used as code generator for any programming language.

By: Cck Homepage


mvc4h rc.0.75

A model view controller implementation for http using java.

By: Mvc4h Homepage


ossEval 1.0

A web application that assists users in evaluating OS software.

By: Osseval Homepage


C Algorithm Viewer 32

This is a small program that shows the diagram of C source that is similar to Flowchart.

By: Algoview Homepage


rtkgui 1.1

GUI builder for Ruby/Tk

By: Rtkgui Homepage


Turing Optimizer 1.0

A function is computable if it can be computed by a Turing machine.

By: Turingmachine Homepage


Norad Generator 1.0

Norad is an attempt to create a code generator providing NHibernate mapping files, poco objects and ASP.

By: Norad Homepage


DAOFactory 1.0

DAOFactory is a java based source code generator that creates dependent objects using JDBC that implement the Data Access Object (DAO) pattern.

By: Daofactory Homepage


DBCache - DBCacheTool 1.0

DBCache is a tool/framework set that creates java classes from a Database schema, and allows you to start with the logic of your application.

By: Dbcache Homepage


Open WebDev 1.0

An integrated development environment for dynamical websites, supporting various server side languages (such as PHP) and client side scripting,...

By: Owebdev Homepage


Fusedoc Generator for Eclipse/CFEclipse 1.0

An Eclipse plugin that will allows a user to quickly and accurately create and edit fusedocs in the CFEclipse editor.

By: Eclipse-fusedoc Homepage


PHPBabel 1.0

This project makes PHP internationalization easier by allowing a net of translators to do translations on a project and to generate include message...

By: Phpbabel Homepage


srcgen 1.0

srcgen - a Python application which takes XML descriptions of functions defined in a library and generates source code for addins on supported...

By: Srcgen Homepage


PegTest 1.0

PegTest is an interactive application for developing parsing expression grammars (PEGs).

By: Pegtest Homepage


SBeaVeR - Business Modeller 0.0.1

The SBeaVeR editor is an Eclipse based plugin that allows business modellers and analysts to create fact-oriented business models and rules based...

By: Sbeaver Homepage