dbForge Compare Bundle for MySQL 1.0

By: Devart
Version: 1.0
dbForge Compare Bundle for MySQL




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MySQL Compare Bundle contains two separate tools, dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL and dbForge Data Compare for MySQL, which are made for comparing and deploying MySQL and MariaDB databases. dbForge Data Compare for MySQL serves for data comparison and synchronization in MySQL, MariaDB, Percona databases. The tool gives clear view of differences between data, allows analyzing them, generates synchronization script, and applies changes at a glance. It also allows scheduling regular MySQL data comparisons using command line. dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL is a tool for performing schema comparison and synchronization, that supports MariaDB database servers as well as Percona servers, so it is easy to manage MariaDB users and their privileges. The tool gives a comprehensive view of all differences between MySQL database schemas, generates a clear and accurate SQL synchronization script that can be used to update a database schema. Comparison tasks for MySQL schemas can be scheduled using the command line interface.


Compare Mysql Databases - Mysql Compare Databases - Mysql Data Comparison - Mysql Database Diff - Mysql Schema Compare - Mysql Schema Comparison - Mysql Synchronization Tool

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