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Do you need to replace some strings in your database using the whole power of your favorite text editor? Maybe you would like to make a copy of an existing table with a different name? Need to change an id for some records? Or maybe you simply need a SQL script to represent a table's content?

SQL Populator is what you need. Unfortunately, Microsoft SQL Server allows only database object scripting and no tables content at all. But often it is exactly vital if you are developing distributive applications that require database installation or going to port a system from Microsoft SQL Server to some other database engine.

SQL Populator is a handy yet powerful tool to script your Microsoft SQL Server tables data into a valid SQL script. Imagine we have table table1 with a single row and two columns (id and value). Ask SQL Populator to generate a script and you will get a script such as: insert Table1 (id,Value) values(1,'String1') GO

With a wizard-like interface you can easily setup script generator for your personal needs to clear tables before inserting data or run script as a single transaction or even generate a .bat file to run your script. SQL Populator allows you to append a generated script to a script created by Microsoft SQL Server facilities and more. Try it now for free, you won't be sorry.


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