PowerShell Scripts for SQL 2.0

Version: 2.0
PowerShell Scripts for SQL




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* Create a job, job step and schedule it
* Get a list of failed jobs
* Get query results using a T-SQL script in a file
* Create a SQL Server table
* Restore an Analysis Services database

Create and Connect

* Create a SQL Server database
* Create a job, job step and schedule it
* Create a SQL Server table
* Connect to SQL Server with IP address and SQL Authentication
* Connect to SQL Server with IP address and Windows Authentication

Perform Daily Tasks

* Get last backup
* Get a list of failed jobs
* Run a DBCC CheckDB
* Script out a database or table
* Create job to recycle error logs

Get Information and Settings

* Get available SQL Servers
* Get/Set default data or log file locations
* Get server version and attributes
* Get database file sizes
* Get query results using a T-SQL script in a file

Work with Services

* Start or stop Services
* Get Analysis Services catalogs and databases
* Restore an Analysis Services database
* Get Integration Services package information
* Get a list of running Integration Services packages


Powershell Srictps - Sql

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