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This function provides farey sequence, F(n), for any integer n.There's probably a more elegant solution out there, but I couldn't find it. Note: it doesn't prepend (0,1) and append (1,1)...

Language: Python


Algorithm - Farey - Farey Algorithm - Farey Function - Farey Sequence - Sequence

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Getting min/max in a sequence 1.0

Getting min/max in a sequence script allows you to find the min/max value in a sequence as compared to a reference.

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Remove duplicates from a sequence 1.0

The fastest way to remove duplicates from a sequence depends on some pretty subtle properties of the sequence elements, such as whether they're...

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This script converts a Numeric to a rational.

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Splitting up a sequence 1.3

This script allows you to split up a sequence in same-size (if possible) parts.

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Sequence Diagram Generator 1.0

Generates sequence diagrams in SVG format from a textual representation.

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Quick Sequence Diagram Editor 4.0.rc1

A fast and reliable tool, written in Java 5, for generating professional UML sequence diagrams from text.

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Code Flow Sequence at Run Time 1.0

This project provides a delievarable which can be used to inject code into existing java code bases and provides output as sequence of methods in...

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Sequence Chart Studio 0.5.2

A user-friendly drawing and verification tool for Message Sequence Charts (MSC, HMSC) and UML Sequence Diagrams.

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Sequence Diagram / MSC Generator 1.0

The Sequence Diagram / MSC Generator is a tool to generate Sequence Diagrams from a textual description.

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