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This is a well featured and flexible python clone of the familiar cgiemail script which allows you to set up an HTML form on your website, collect information from your site?s visitors and send a well formatted e-mail to yourself or the other e-mail addresses. This script also includes a redirection to your URL for a custom success page. / Features: / ? Format the output of the email to your own specifications / ? Require certain, mandatory fields to be completed by your website's visitors. Failure to complete such fields generates an error message. / ? Confirm-fields. Require the user to fill in a field twice, such as passwords or e-mail addresses, to protect against "typos". / ? Restricted-fields. To protect against certain monkey business, double-check that user input is among a list of limited options. / ? Specify "exit" URLs, for both the "Success" page and the "Error" page. / ? Several "Success Page" options, including redirection to a particular URL, success-page-templates with options for including parts of the sent email and/or form data, or a simple default success page / ? Optional "mailto" link for the webmaster's e-mail address on the result pages. / ? Error logging. / ? Logs the user's IP address in a Received line of the e-mail, for security and tracking purposes. / ? Cross-platform. Should run on any platform that supports Python. (This includes Windows, Unices, and Macintosh.) / Planned Features: / ? Allow attachment of a file to the e-mail. / ? Support for Internationalization (i.e. foreign language support) / ? Level of error logging is configurable and optional. /


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