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RSS2HTML script

Simple php script that displays rss feeds from the feed urls you defined on your web pages either by SSI include tags or php includes. No...

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BNC Advanced Feed Parser 2.0

BNC Advanced Feed Parser ( Rss / Atom to Html ) is a php script that gives you the ability to add feeds to your website. It can auto detect feed...

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zFeeder 1.II

This is a user friendly script and is simple to use, implement and customize according to the user's preference. Installation is very easy and...

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VB 3.0 Forum RSS Feeder 0.91

VB 3.0 Forum RSS Feeder is a PHP based software that nourishes all kind of message boards, forums, discussion boards with the latest updates. Using...

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SearchHippo - PHP Search Source Code 1.0

SearchHippo - PHP Search Source Code is a very simple code that links with your site, thus enabling your site with a search engine....

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RSS aggregator

This php script helps extracting a List of RSS feed addresses from a specified MySQL database.It also performs responsiveness check with socket...

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RSS Builder 2.000

RSS Builder is a tiny,simple yet a fine RSS generator. The code has been updated for PHP5 and can work on PHP4 as well but not below that. Just...

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RSS Output

This script can be used to display feed from It automatically cleans the input to generate valid RSS. We can customize it to search...

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RSS Reader

RSS reader is a simple script to read RSS feed forms. One can master RSS/XML parsing with this script in minutes and can Read News, Blogs,...

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RSS Responder 2.0

RSS Responder now allows you to take an existing RSS feed and automatically insert messages at timed intervals after a new person subscribes to the...

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RSS Client is a cool php script that can parse almost all types of RSS feeds. It caches RSS files locally so that it can process faster, the cache...

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This PHP script is a handy tool to convert any HTML page to RSS 0.92 feed form just in a snap. It works both on UNIX and Windows webservers. No...

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rbMyXml 2.0.1

You can use this PHP application to generate XML data. This XML and PHP combined program works with the support of MySQL database and enables you...

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QuickHP 0.3

Its an effective content management system based on XML and PHP. It helps making our website so dynamic with XML and is easily controllable through...

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PhpXconfig 0.9

This script uses PHP.Xpath library from and is very useful in parsing XML files and to store the data. Detailed installation notes...

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phpRPC Alpha 0.9

phpRPC is a very cool library forXMLRPC. This library is very simple and easy to use. Function syntax and weblog plugging is very much simplified...

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PHPlibxslt 0.2.1

This PHP script is purely for the Linux and Unix platforms. It is very tiny in size and uses very small memory space and so is very fast....

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php Xi edit 0.7

phpXIedit is a web based application to Edit, Validate and Preview XML documents. The interface has great looks. The installation is very simple...

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PHP RSS parser 0.1

PHP RSS parser is a simple utility for parsing XML. Netscape uses this in their browser for its Channel utilities. This script gives the user a...

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Orange Box

This is a php based program accepts items from web content manager to feed really simple syndication. To add items to RSS feed users have to fill...

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