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What is phpMyVisists?phpMyVisites is an open-source and free application for the management of statistics of websites. After you have installed the application on your web server (the installation phase is completely automated and does not required any technical knowledge), you need to insert a short Javascript code (you will be able to copy and paste it) on the pages from where you wish to obtain statistics: the setup is very simple and immediate.Everyone will be able to take advantage of the statistics. It can be that you are only intested by the number of web page consultation, the average time that your visitors pass on your pages, or again if you wish to analyze in depth your statistics (in taking advantage of several features of phpMyVisites) and to have like this, means to progress on your website.Apparence de phpMyVisites Apparence de phpMyVisitesList of functionalitiesThis is an exhaustive list of available statistics on phpMyVisites. The consultation is broken down in five main sections: visits, page views, follow-up, origin, configurations, affluents.Information (data) on the visits:- number of visits- number of visitors- number of page views- average numnber of page views per visitor- average time of visit- average time of visits per page- percentage of visits per page view- summary of the selected period (comparison of the last 6 days/weeks/months)- chart showing the summary- chart of the time of visit per visitor- chart of visitors per local hour- chart of visitors per server hour- chart of connection locations (work or home)Information on page views- number of different page views (different URLs)- record of the number of page views per visitor- detailed page views table and comparaison for each page with the two previous periods- chart of the number of visits by number of page views- chart of page views per local hour- chart of page views per server hourVisitor follow-up- detailed table of entry pages on the website- detailed table of exit pages with percentage of exit for each page- table showing the different visitor paths for one pageOrigin- World map with the continents who are highlighted in function of the number of visits coming from those continents- map of the selected continent, with highlighted countries from which come the visits- classification table of the country of origin of the visitors (3D pie chart with the data of the table)- table of the visitors' service providersConfigurations- classification table of the operating systems (3D pie chart with the data of the table)- classification table of the browsers (3D pie chart with the data of the table)- classification table of the screen resolutions (3D pie chart with the data of the table)- table of proportion of large screens (widescreen) and normal screens (4/3 ratio)- classification table of color depths (3D pie chart with the data of the table)Referrals-3D pie chart summary of all the affluents of the website (search engines, websites or direct entries)-classification table of search engines-classification table of keywords-classification table of referring pages-number of direct entries to the websiteConfigurations section-site administration (login and password, choose the public access parameters or restricted access to the statistics, display or no the logo 88*31, etc...)-possibility to configure the variables of the not allowed URLs (PHPSESSID ignored automatically)-automatic installation of a cookie on the webmaster's computer (which is not counted in the statistics)-automatic configuration to add the websites to the statistics-modification of data for each website-display of the javascript code for a particular website-possibility to purge the database and to optimize itWhat are the statistics for?The statistics given by phpMyVisites, if they are correctly analyzed, allow very quickly to improve the administration of the visitor on the website. For example, you will know which pages are the most visited, the less visited (perhaps you will need to improve your links, update the content, etc...). For example, if your visitors spend


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