SEO: Rewrite Dynamic URLs - IIS, ISAPI Rewriting 2.0

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Dynamic content is usually pulled from a database and created on the fly, using CGI/PHP/ASP applications. Search engine robots follow standard links with slashes, but dynamic pages, generated from databases or content management systems, have dynamic URLs with question marks (?) and other command punctuation such as &, %, + and $. In an dynamic driven website that pulls information or products from a database, a basic query string usually looks like this: When a search engine spiders and indexes this page it will only index and if you type this URL in as is it will display and index nothing. The search engine automatically chops off everything after the "?". This is where AdaptURL dynamic-to-static URL rewriting script comes in to play & converts all dynamic URLs to static looking ones: The search engines spiders will index all pages of your site!Free demonstration, installation, cofiguration, support, updates.


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