Components, Scripts, Codes: PHP / User Authentication

LLbra Login 3.0

LLbra Login is a PHP based secured script provides more secured access to your files and folders. It has strong and complete admin panel to...

By: LLbra Designs Homepage


Lite Login System 0.5

Lite Login System is a PHP based logging script designed solely for creating and managing unique login programs with md5 encryptions and sessions....

By: Daniel Brown Homepage


iClans 1.0

Russian-speaking control system of a game clan. The script is written on PHP3 and uses as a database of users a usual text file, instead of MySQL....

By: Masons Sergey Homepage


HT Group 0.4

HT Group is multi-platform compatible. A program that facilitates the maintenance of htgroup files, used to do Basic Authentication on a web...

By: The WebMaster's Net Homepage


htAuthorize 1.X

htAuthorize is a web masters tool to handle htpasswd, htgroup and htaccess files to access authorization on apache servers. This script needs a...

By: Creative Web Ddesign Homepage


With the help of you can protect your member area and manage your members easily. It doesn't need Mysql database as backend. It is...

By: GoPassword Homepage


Golden Login Administration 1.II

Golden Login Administration is used for secured login. It is written using PHP script and Mysql as database. It protects the pages from the non...

By: Milan Petrovic Homepage


GenieGate User Management 1.0.0

GenieGate was designed with ISP's and webmasters who might have multiple clients in mind. It supports a documented API, event driven plugin model...

By: Jamie Homepage


Free IP Ban Script 1.0

This PHP application is efficient script that can be used to prohibit certain people from your website. This program is very efficient in...

By: Free Scriptz Homepage


FA-Pass 3.2.2001

FA-Pass is an user management system to secure your pages by assigning password. This system can be used for any online communities which has...

By: Falk Amthor Homepage


ExplodingAccess (Invision Board Members Area) 1.II

ExplodingAccess is a simple login script written using PHP. It mainly supports only invision board forums. It uses MySQL as database. This script...

By: Exploding Panda Homepage


Easy Member Access 2.0 2.0

Easy Member Access is a member management application. It is built based on PHP and Mysql database. With a powerful control panel you can protect...

By: Administratoraaaa Homepage


DreamAccount 3.1.2001

DreamAccount is written using PHP and database as Mysql. It is used to manage web-based membership projects of all sizes. DreamAccount will handle...

By: Dream Cost Homepage


Ditto UsersOnline 1.0

Ditto UsersOnline is a simple script based on php and is a users online system. With the help of ditto usersonline, you can count the number of...

By: Dittoscripts Homepage


DirLocker - a web folders protection 2.I

DirLocker allows/denies access to any protected directory for all members or for every member individually. DirLocker operate with .htaccess and...

By: Abitec LLC Homepage


Digi-members 1.I

Digi-members is a software package that allows you to create a members area on your website. With digi-members there is no need to mess with...

By: Christopher Hiltabidel Homepage


DF Blackgate 1.II

If you are doing online business and thinking about the security!. DF Blackgate is for you, it is a security program allows only the users you want...

By: DF Software Homepage


Cute Verify 2.0

Cute Verify is Linux compatible. A script that works on a folder level. It requires verification before allowing users to view the protected files....

By: Worldwide Ads. Homepage


CuteVerify 2.0

CuteVerify is a web application based on password management system with htaccess. This system protects the files on the www and limit access...

By: IQ Services Homepage


cmsMerchant 2.0.1

cmsMerchant is a simple script based on php and is a simple merchant system. With the help of cmsMerchant, users can offer their products and...

By: cmsmerchant Homepage