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PHP Site Lock 1.III

The most powerful yet easy to use script to protect your web pages and other web assets (such as pdf, zip, images etc) from digital product...

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PHP Radius Authentication 1.II

PHP Radius Authentication is Unix compatible. A PHP function that allows you to add Radius Authentication to your PHP scripts.

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PHP Registration

Used in combination with a database table that will be checked for existing records. Access data is modified and sent to e-mail address automatically.

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PHP Login Script with Remember Me Feature

PHP Login Script with Remember Me Feature is a PHP script with Mysql and uses cookies to maintain the users information even they close their...

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php htaccess class

php htaccess class is written using PHP and this script is a class to handle htaccess. .htaccess files can be called within this htaccess class. By...

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php Generic Access Control List (phpGACL) 3.3.0 b1

phpGACL is used to access your web applications. It is a permission system to access the secured files placed in your server. It has many enhanced...

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PHP Guard Dog Version 2 2.0

PHP Guard Dog version 2 offers complete user authentication and user management through a friendly web administration section. Password-protect...

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Password protected a directory 3

How to Password protected a directory come down to we show you how to create the script which is about 4 lines also we have the...

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Password Protection Pro Kit(pppk) 2.I

This script is a management tool for on-line setting password protection on folders and files of your web site. To set protection you don't have to...

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Passowrd Protection 1.0

Password Protection is a PHP/MySQL application which allows you to easily block access to selected files. You simply add one line of code to each...

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p protect 1.0

p protect is multi-platform compatible. A straightforward protection script written in PHP. When a visitor enters the wrong username and password...

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Obie Quick AUTH

Obie Quick AUTH is a simple script used to authenticate the users to access the secured files that you have on your webserver. It uses cookies to...

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Obie Quickauth 1.0

Obie Quick Authentication script (supports one user) uses COOKIE to store the loging session. Also features: EASY to use, only 5 lines to add into...

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Need Secure

Need Secure is a PHP based program and by using this program the system administrators or webmasters can protect their member areas by using...

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MyCvtheque 1.2.2008

MyCvtheque is a simple web service based on php. With the help of MyCvtheque, users can dedicate it to jobs search. This service contains four...

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Membership Subscription Scripts (PHP/MySQL)

Membership Subscription Scripts is written using PHP as frontend and MySQL as backend. It is an ultimate source for membership sites. This script...

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MemberSolution SQL

MemberSolution SQL is a powerful and fully featured online user management program built with PHP. Through this program you can create login forms...

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make htaccess

htaccess is written using PHP and this script is used to secure your files or folders in a secured place using htaccess. This script sets all...

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Login Manager V3.0 3.0

Login Manager V3.0 is designed for web administrator to easily manage user accounts, create membership protected areas by htaccess on the website,...

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loginwarrior Membership Script 1

loginwarrior Membership Script it's a php Mysql users management The script Feature the following tricks: Protect Multi Pages and direcory, users...

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