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This project is really to help others in getting the whole LDAP SSL Active Directory puzzle working natively on Linux. Given the varied nature of organisations and sites, adLDAP may not be _your_ complete solution, but it should be a very sound starting point. LDAP isn't overly friendly on first glance, and it's a steep learning curve made alot worse when coupled with Microsoft's seemingly unending army of gotcha's. The information you can retrieve from Active Directory is as useful as you make it. If you don't fill out all their account information there's not really going to be much to query. adLDAP is open source software and is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Current Functions/Queries - authenticate($username,$password) Authenticate the username/password of a user against a domain controller. - group_add_group($parent,$child) Adds the child group to the parent group and returns true or false. - group_add_user($group,$username) Adds a user to a group and returns true or false. - group_create($attributes) Create a group with the given attributes and return true or false. - group_del_group($parent,$child) Removes the child group from the parent and returns true or false. - group_del_user($group,$users) Removes the user from the group and returns true or false. - group_info($group_name,$fields=NULL) Returns an array of information about the given group. - user_create($attributes) Creates a user and returns true or false depending on whether the creation worked or failed. - user_groups($username,$recursive=NULL) Returns an array of groups that the user is a member of. - user_info($username,$fields=NULL) Return an array of information about the given user. $fields must be an array. - user_ingroup($username,$group,$recursive=NULL) Return true or false depending on whether the user is a member of the group. - user_modify($username,$attributes) Modify the attributes of the user and return true or false. - user_password($username,$password) Set the password of a given user. Requires LDAP over SSL (ldaps) to be configured. - computer_info($computer,=NULL) Returns an array of information for a given computer. - all_users($include_desc = false, $search = "*", $sorted = true) Returns a complete list of the users in Active Directory. May not work on large directories. - all_groups($include_desc = false, = "*", $sorted = true) Returns a complete list of the groups in Active Directory. May not work on large directories.

Language: PHP


Active - Active Directory - Authentication - Ldap - Ldap Authentication - Linux Ldap

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